Using lighting to bring out the potental in your hallway

We all know that a hallway is an area of the house that gets us from one room to the next...

But, consider this: the hallway is a very public space; a space that's accessible to everyone, including guests. It's a space that gets a lot of use, is visible from lots of different rooms, and is an essential way of getting from one room to another. Why then is a hallway considered a low priority when it comes to decor and lighting? Because we see them as simply transition spaces? or merely a means of getting around? or just a necessary part of the home? Consider the potential a hallway offers for making a creative statement about your style, a place to showcase your personality and design tastes.

Firstly, it's important to consider how luminosity will effect the space. Lighting is a major component that will help you bring out the design potential you're looking for. Because a hallway is generally long and narrow, it should be consistently lit by an ambient light source. The appropriate number and style of lights may need some thought, but as a general rule its better aesthetically to space the lights equally apart. Generally speaking, there should be one light for each 8 feet of hallway.

Accent lighting can also be used to draw attention to interesting objects such as artwork and photos. You may wish to consider task lights too as a helpful way of increasing the illumination in an area of the hallway where certain tasks are performed; a clock, a mirror or a table where devices may be discreetly charged for example.

Hallways may be just be a way of getting around the home, but some great lighting choices can help get you and your guests get around in style.