Hanging a Chandelier in an Entryway? Consider this...

When guests are invited to your home their first impression is often through the entryway. A bright, dramatic, sophisticated chandelier will play a large role in that first impression.

Here are some things to consider:

Style and type

Choose a chandelier that reflects your home's style and design aesthetic. Chandeliers come in many styles; usually described as either contemporary, modern, traditional, glam, industrial or country/cottage. Chandeliers are often described by type eg: crystal, Candle-style, Venetian, mini or drum chandeliers


There are also a myriad of finishes: chrome, bronze, copper, satin nickel, pewter, silver and black are the most popular.

Number of bulbs

In an entryway its important to consider how luminosity will effect the space, so the number of bulbs is a consideration. Most smaller chandeliers have between 1-4 bulbs, larger chandeliers can have up to 9 (or more).


Size is another important consideration—a too small chandelier will look dwarfed, a too large chandelier can overpower the space. There are two important measurements to take into consideration when choosing the correct chandelier size:

The higher the ceiling, the taller the chandelier. Try to accommodate 2.5-3 inches of chandelier height for each foot of ceiling height. A standard 8-foot ceiling requires a chandelier that is 20-24 inches high..
To find the perfect diameter of chandelier for your space, add the height and the width of the room together, substitute feet for inches the result is the perfect diameter chandelier for your room. So in a 12 X 16 room for example, the approximate diameter of the chandelier should be around 28 inches.



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